Our Bucket List Cruises, Part 1

Do you have a dream cruise in mind?

I know we have plans for voyages that we would like to take. These cruises are once-in-a-lifetime voyages that we will take us to locations that will wow us and create memorable experiences by land and sea. Are you looking for some unique cruise itineraries to add to your Cruise Bucket List?  Grab a pen — these are great options.

1. Panama Canal 

Many travelers have the Panama Canal on their Must-See list. This 40-mile journey linking the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea is an engineering marvel and definitely cruise-worthy — experience the intricate lock system first hand. You have several options when considering a Panama Canal cruise. You can choose to do a partial transit of the canal (say, round trip Fort Lauderdale) or do a full transit (Miami to San Diego, for example).

The size of the ship is also something to consider. Uncruise’s Safari Voyager holds just 62 passengers, so it can get to lots of ports the larger ships can’t go. The Uncruise itinerary is a small ship adventure cruise exploring Costa Rica and Panama.

If you prefer a larger ship, the Celebrity Infinity or Summit are good options for a full transit from Miami to San Diego. Princess Cruises offer partial transit through the canal with round-trip Ft.Lauderdale itineraries.

With so many options to consider, we can help you match your interests to the perfect Panama Canal  trip — add it to your Bucket List! 

2. Hawaiian Islands

Wouldn’t you love to sail 7 days through Paradise — then add a Hawaiian cruise to your Bucket List. Norwegian Cruise Line is the only line that does round-trip Hawaii itineraries. Otherwise, you will have to start from the Mainland North America and spend as many days at sea as you would on land in Hawaii. Norwegian’s Pride of America sails from Honolulu every Saturday, 52 weeks a year! This itinerary overnights in Maui and Kauai, plus gives you time to explore in Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii.

Our clients love this itinerary, which is perfect for couples and multi-generational families. You’ll discover cascading waterfalls, active volcanoes, black, green, and white sand beaches, historic sites, and unspoiled nature — there is something for everyone to enjoy! Let us know when you are ready to go!

3. A River Cruise

Have you been considering a River Cruise? Here’s the best way to think of river cruising — “Ocean cruises take you to countries, while River Cruises take you through countries!” Having experienced river cruises on the Rhine and Danube Rivers, we can definitely recommend these two itineraries with their charming city stops and picturesque landscapes — and I’d love to experience the Christmas Markets on the Rhine and the Danube in the future. Anyone interested?

While we really loved these two itineraries, the most popular itineraries, there are a few that we are very interested in. The itineraries in the Bordeaux and Provence regions of France, as well as the Douro River in Portugal are all high on our list! 

There are many rivers to choose from, even those in Asia and Africa. A River Cruise will take you to amazing destinations that a large, ocean cruise ship cannot. And do you realize that there are many river cruise companies to choose from? We can help match you with the river cruise line that is perfect for you!

4. Transatlantic

Have you ever considered the grandeur of a transatlantic crossing?  Consider traveling to or from Europe on Cunard’s luxurious Queen Mary 2, the world’s only ocean liner, porting at New York Harbor and Southampton, England. You would experience world-class cuisine, entertainment, and service on a voyage you’ll never forget. Does a week of relaxing in elegance and refinement sound good to you? Wondering what you would do with 7 days at sea?  Cunard’s, “101 Things To Do On The Queen Mary 2” will give you some ideas! Take a look, and call us when you are ready to book.

5. French Polynesia

The South Pacific is so picturesque with its breathtaking volcanic islands — can you see why so many dream of visiting this piece of heaven?  The award-winning luxury cruise ship the m/s Paul Gauguin provides an exceptional cruise experience tailored to the unparalleled wonders of Tahiti, the South Pacific, and Fiji. This renowned ship was built specifically to sail the waters of the region and is the longest continually operating year-round luxury cruise ship in this enchanting destination.

A perfect time to experience a cruise to French Polynesia is on your way to Australia — you would definitely be rested and relaxed before you hit the Outback!

So, did any of these cruise itineraries make it to your Bucket List? We would love to hear which ones you may be dreaming of! We are here to help you with the planning process. Send us an email at luann@watercolortravel.com, or call us at 910-599-1693 to start the planning process.