Where Can a Girl Find a Great Travel Agent These Days?

Keylee Lederer Testimonial

“I was referred to LuAnn from a local friend by asking the simple Facebook question, “Where can a girl find a great travel agent these days?.?.? ”   Right away, I was able to reach LuAnn who was available and always prompt to answer my many questions about booking a resort trip. My husband and I went on our first honeymoon after being married for 11 years, so we were looking for something special. LuAnn worked well with us over a few weeks of time to help us find the right place at the right deal. One thing that I think makes using a travel agent more beneficial is that you have an actual person to assist you in the booking who can reserve you great rates. Online travel agent websites are very competitive and always changing. Lu Ann and her team know of many great things to do in so many places which helps ‘Make your vacation a complete exploration!'”