Need A Little Girlfriend Therapy


One of the fastest growing travel specialties is the “Girlfriend Getaway,”  and it is easy to understand why.  With all the stresses of everyday life, there is nothing quite as enjoyable and relaxing as getting away from “reality” with those true friends who allow you to be yourself!  Of course, the same goes for men, although they may not freely admit it — a few days away with the “buddies” on the golf course can be more valuable than hours of therapy!

Here are a few suggestions for creative escapes:

—  A little Retail Therapy?  Most women love to shop, so why not combine a weekend or a week in the “Big City” with great shopping, dining, and entertainment options?  New York City and Chicago come to mind first, but there are many amazing options out there that are centrally located and served by convenient airports.  And, don’t forget the shopping meccas — London, Paris, and Milan!

—  Why not check in to a Spa or Yoga Retreat for a wellness weekend or week?  A little pampering never hurt anyone, and you might even come home with some new healthy habits and feel a couple of pounds lighter — both good things!  Did you know that Watercolor Travel can arrange for your entire Yoga class to have a retreat in an exotic location, such as Costa Rica?

—  And then there’s Vegas!  Las Vegas offers amazing dining, shopping, and broadway style entertainment — and, most of the resorts have ridiculously gorgeous pools and spas!  Vegas is the perfect destination to celebrate a milestone birthday — actually, it’s where I celebrated a milestone birthday with a few of my friends! This destination works well for both genders, too  — lots of golf available for male bonding getaways!

—  A few days spent Wine Tasting, or possibly signing up for a Culinary Boot Camp can be fantastic options for Girlfriend Getaways — because wine and good food are ALWAYS a good idea!  Actually, Watercolor Travel is planning a trip to the Piedmont Region of Italy for a food and wine tour for October 2018.  Please let us know if you would like to travel with us! Here’s a sneak peek!

—  A Sports-Related Trip works well for both girls and guys, too!  What about a fitness retreat for those who love to exercise?  A golf weekend at an amazing resort with daily tee times? A scuba diving trip in the Caribbean?  A kayaking adventure in pristine waters? All these are great options, but there are many more — all it takes is a shared interest and some planning!  Let us know your interests, and we will take care of all of the details!

—  All-Inclusive Resorts and Cruises are natural fits for this type of travel, where your biggest decision for the day might be whether to sit by the pool or on the beach, or maybe even get a massage — who wouldn’t welcome some mental “down time!”

So, think about YOUR ideal getaway — who do you need to spend some time with?  Are you long overdue for a meaningful visit with some friends? Why not let Watercolor Travel help you plan that all important trip soon!