Whose Team Are You On?


Though my team did not make it to the Superbowl this season, I enjoyed watching the game and the entertaining commercials. Something that impressed me during the game was the fact that the Eagles won without their #1 quarterback. When Nick Foles stepped onto the field, he was definitely able to carry out the game plan with “a little help from his friends!”

It made me think about how important that is — having a team who has your back. I feel the same way about experience in the travel industry. When I custom-craft your European vacation itinerary or put together an amazing (and seamless) journey through the Hawaiian Islands, the experience you receive is a direct reflection of a team of people:

1. My Supplier Team

When you receive your final itinerary from me, there are usually several hotels, transfers from airports, train stations & piers, sightseeing tours, cruise bookings, airline reservations, private guides, and goodness knows what else — All of these components are sourced based on my relationships and experience with the Tour

Operators and other suppliers with whom I have established a level of trust. From a major international hotel chain like Starwood, to a 10-room Inn on an Umbrian hilltop, to the mom & pop driver/guides I use in the Amalfi Coast who meet my clients with a cool drink and know all the little hideaway spots — these elements can make the difference between an “okay” trip and a “stellar” one. Travel providers take better care of my clients because they don’t want to let me down…and I continue to support them because of it. Try getting that when you book online!

2. My Network of Other Travel Professionals 

I spend lots of time and money every year in professional continuing education and peer networking. My host agency is made up of like-minded Niche/Specialty travel professionals who are some of the most brilliant (and fun!) folks I know. If a client comes to me with a request for a custom itinerary exploring the Great Wall of China, an African Safari, or a Bed & Breakfast tour of New Zealand, I may not know the immediate answers, but I sure know where to find them.  We have each other’s backs, and the clients are the ones who reap the benefits!

3. My Team of Past, Present and Prospective Clients

I really learn as much from YOU as I hope you do from me! Every family has different hopes, needs and dreams for their perfect vacation, and it is MY job to make sure they are all met. So, if I ask you too many random questions during the planning process or follow up before you have time to get over your jet lag — my apologies. Just understand that what I learn from your honest feedback helps me to better serve more people in the future.