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River Cruising

Crenellated castles, towering church spires, lush countryside, and row after picture-perfect row of vines, hanging heavy with grapes.

Yes, you can see all of that on a cruise — a river cruise, that is!

River cruising is an incredible way to explore the storied regions of Europe, and beyond.

Even better? To navigate under bridges and around bends, river cruise ships have to be nimble. Their smaller size lends you a more intimate cruise experience.

River Cruise Your Way to a Whole New Perspective

Designer boutique hotels, shopping in outdoor markets and family-owned boutiques, scrumptious wine tastings and winery tours … we just love helping our clients connect with the Europe they’ve always dreamt of.

Europe is a land of many faces.

From the hustle and bustle of London’s buzzing streets … to the quaint Tuscan villages of Italy, seemingly frozen in time. Whatever European adventure you’re after, we’ll help you plan it — from A to Z — with our customized European itineraries.


Discover Old-World Splendor, On Your Own Terms

A cruise represents that classic travel getaway — there’s just nothing like slicing through the open sea, watching the sun sink behind an endless horizon.

But … how do you know which cruise is right for you?

At Watercolor Travel, we pride ourselves on matching our clients with cruise experiences that fit their needs, budget, and cruising personality!

Cruise According to Your Unique Style and Needs
Not every cruise is the same … and neither is every cruiser!

Ocean Cruising

Set Sail to Paradise — on Your Own Terms

They grow up so fast, don’t they? One minute, your child is hoisting on his first backpack, waving goodbye as he heads into his kindergarten class … Blink your eyes, and he’s donning his graduation cap, about to walk across the high school’s stage!

18 years go by in a flash — so make sure they’re filled with moments that create memories worth cherishing … long after the kids leave your nest.

How do you make the BEST family memories? On an adventurous family getaway that has everyone all smiles! Try new things together, build unbreakable family bonds, and show your children how incredible their whole wide world is.

Family Travel

Forge Family Bonds on a Memory-Making Vacation

Heart-pumping water activities, pulsating nightlife, and a resort atmosphere that keeps you and your beau busy all day long?

Or are you dreaming of a candlelit dinner on the beach, in-suite couples’ massage, and a world-class resort that melts all your worries away?

Or maybe … you’re looking for something in between!

Whatever “romance” means to you, we’ll design a just-for-two getaway, honeymoon, or destination wedding to a vetted all-inclusive resort that brings you and your beau closer than ever.

Romance & Wedding

Your All-Inclusive, Romantic Travel Affair to Remember

Whether you’re looking for a real travel challenge or a different kind of family escape, our adventure travel itineraries bring on the adrenaline rush.

Plus, we can tailor your adventure travel itinerary to your skill and comfort level, ensuring you have plenty of down time in between your heart-pumping activities.

Adventure Travel

Say “no thanks” to the lounge-by-the-pool kind of vacation … and “oh, yes!” to a travel experience unlike any other!

what are you waiting for?

It can be hard to turn travel dreams into a reality — so that’s where we come in. Together, we can create travel itineraries that capture all you’ve been dreaming of — and more — so that you and your loved ones can finally explore what this amazing world has to offer.

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