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Being able to simply relax and look forward to a vacation that someone else is designing JUST FOR YOU. That’s what we do at Watercolor Travel. Your time is valuable. An expert travel consultant can not only save you tons of time and energy, we also have access to special perks and upgrades that will make your trip more luxurious and enjoyable. Let our experienced travel consultants handle your trip.

To Us, The Details Matter

We believe that wise choices in lodging, dining, and transportation, for example, can have a major effect on how much you are able to enjoy a destination. We are committed to curating rich experiences for our clients, and to take care of those often overlooked details that impact a travel experience as a whole.

The Process is Simple

You tell us your preferences in travel and what kind of trip you have in mind, then we get right to work designing a bespoke experience for you and your group. Enjoy the luxury of having someone take your idea and run with it, creating an experience that exceeds your expectations, allowing you to kick back and fully enjoy the journey.

Allow us to take the stress out of travel for you.

Allow us to chart a path for you that will exceed your expectations.

Allow us to get started on your dream trip.


It's Not About the Destination,
It's About the Journey

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The Planning Process


We’ll schedule a complimentary consultation call, which will allow us to discover exactly what you’re dreaming of, your interests, and your travel style.


Customized Itinerary

We put together itinerary options based on your specific interests and budget. Once we present your itinerary, we’ll work with you to refine it until it checks off all your boxes. Dinner atop the Eiffel Tower? Coming right up! 


Done-For-You Booking

We make travel a breeze by booking all the travel components for you, from transportation to world-class accommodations and vetted tours and activities from our trusted travel partners.


Trusted Support

We’re there for you every step of your journey — even after your plane takes off. Simply call or email us if you need assistance while traveling. Our personalized attention means you get to enjoy peace of mind!


Kind Words from Clients

- Shepherd and Nick

"We couldn’t dream of a better travel designer. Lu Ann made our honeymoon run so smoothly. The extra additions we experienced at each resort made our time so magical. Everything from flights to car rides to water taxis and reservations were taken care of. Lu Ann knows Greece so well, and made us feel so comfortable traveling to a new country for the first time. We will definitely use her company for every big trip we have in our future. I could not recommend her enough."

- Mack and Kay

“We cannot say enough good things about the service that Lu Ann has provided for us in planning our trips and vacations. She will take your wish list and make it even better. We like to plan and research everything on our own before talking to Lu Ann, but she always has excellent suggestions for things that we never even thought about doing. We now feel comfortable giving Lu Ann a destination, a few guidelines, and letting her come up with the details. She hasn’t steered us wrong yet!”

- Mike and Nancy

“We had dreamed of seeing Ireland for 15 years but couldn’t get off square one until we called Lu Ann. She took care of everything, listening to what we were interested in and making great recommendations, ensuring that our trip to the British Isles was everything we ever dreamed of and more! Twenty-one days on our own, but with every detail professionally taken care of. Golf at St Andrews, the Edinburgh Tattoo, horse and trap ride through the Gap of Dunloe were just some of our highlights. Thanks Lu Ann!”

- Michelle

“Lu Ann is wonderful to work with…she did a fantastic job helping us create a magical Disney experience. She’s attentive to details, responds quickly to requests, and works closely with you to ensure you get the best possible travel experience. We’ll continue to use Lu Ann and Watercolor Boutique for all our travel needs!”

- Keylee

My husband and I went on our first honeymoon after being married for 11 years, so we were looking for something special. One thing that I think makes using a travel agent more beneficial is that you have an actual person to assist you in the booking who can reserve you great rates. Online travel agent websites are very competitive and always changing. Lu Ann and her team know of many great things to do in so many places which helps ‘Make your vacation a complete exploration!'

- Charli and John

“We decided to use Lu Ann to book our honeymoon trip to Exuma and I am so glad we did! From the moment we contacted Lu Ann she took care of every detail. She was amazing from start to end and even went above and beyond and checked in with us once we got down there and sent us chocolate covered fruit one afternoon to our room. We will never plan another trip without using Lu Ann and I think everyone should use her, she takes care of EVERY detail and makes the planning process incredibly easy and enjoyable, she’s the best!”

- Kate and Ruffin

Lu Ann is it! A warm personality with the professional hard work ethic to go with it! After an amazing honeymoon, we have been lucky enough to book three other vacations with her and scheming for the next location to travel to. Her attention to detail is unmatched. We go on vacation knowing there is nothing to worry about... and I mean nothing. She’s handled our flights, changing seats, arranging cars, excursions. You name it she’s been there. You will not regret booking with her!”

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