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Italy’s Stunning Seven

Travel To Italy

Seven cities in Italy that you just can’t miss! #1:  Cinque Terre The Cinque Terre, (CHEEN|KWEH TEHR|REH), is located along the rugged coast of the Italian Riviera. The region consists of five small fishing villages along the Ligurian Sea — Riomaggiore, Manarola, Cornelia, Vernazza, and Monterosso. The five towns are close enough that you could stroll from one to…

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THE Benefits Of Group Travel

Group Travel Packages

Why travel alone?  Remember the saying, “The More, The Merrier!”  Learn why Group Travel can enhance your journeys! ​                                                                 Benefits of Group Travel ​ 1. Cost: Traveling…

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Our TOP 5 Destinations For 2016

Incredible Icelandic Waterfall

There are many destinations around the world but these 5 travel hotspots are the hottest of 2016.  #1: Australia:  Australia is about the size of the United States and is made up of 7 states/territories. Anytime is a great time to go Down Under, but remember that the seasons are opposite of those in the states. A Passport is required…

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How To Take Great Photos While Traveling

Cell Phone Vacation Photos

Have you ever returned from paradise with hundreds of pictures that don’t seem to do it justice? ​Maybe these 5 tips on taking better photos will help paint the picture for your friends and better represent the experiences you had while traveling. #1: Frame Your Photos:  A clever way to give interest to your photos is to frame your…

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How To Pack For A Cruise

Cruise Ship

Don’t let that last minute panic set in and forget to bring something—here’s a quick guide for things to pack when going on a cruise: #1: Clothing:  Your location and length of cruise will determine how many articles of clothing and what to take.  Determine how many formal nights, and use the same attire each night with a slight…

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